How Hand Reflexology can be used instead of treating feet

Did you know that hand reflexology can be used where it is not possible to treat the feet? Many do not know about hand reflexology even though there are positions in the hand which correspond to those on the feet. However, they are not often used because hands are more exposed and less sensitive than feet and therefore the reflexes lie much deeper. However, the basic techniques are the same and suitable for those who do not like their feet touched. There is even a treatment that can be self-administered.

When suffering from a headache, with the thumb and index finger pinch the fleshy part of the hand between the thumb and the index finger of the other hand. Find the part that feels most tender and massage it firmly. Perform this on the hand on the same side as the headache, however treat both sides if the headache is across the head on both sides. This is a great use of hand reflexology techniques that can be administered anywhere and at any time.

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