Indian Head Massage for Upper Body Tension

I recently had a client come to see me at Top to Toe who had been referred by their Doctor, for a session of Indian Head Massage. The client suffers from severe upper body tension and has benefited hugely from receiving the treatment. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to see the medical profession recognising the benefits of complimentary therapies, such as Indian Head Massage.

The feeling of a body which is “balanced” and energised is a wonderful experience. Whilst the world of complimentary therapies cannot replace traditional medicine, it can do so much to help. If you are undergoing medical treatment it is advisable to always consult your GP or consultant before receiving a complimentary therapy treatment. That advice may also assist in helping to identify the right treatment for you. However, do not be afraid to ask your GP or consultant, if a complimentary therapy will help the recovery and healing process.

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