Ayuverda – Doshas and Indian Head Massage

Why not spend some time looking into doshas and how your dosha type is connected to diet and your reaction to certain foods.

At this time of year, a lot of thoughts turn towards the spring and getting in shape for the changing of the seasons. As the weather starts to get warmer, we are often more inclined to exercise and start to feel the urge for lighter, healthier foods. So how can knowing about doshas help?

The three body types in Ayurveda, called doshas, are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Each of us has elements of each dosha in our constitution, however most tend to have one or two dominants. By understanding your dosha type, you can focus on food that will aid weight management and promote well-being.

The dosha types are:

  • Vata – this represents the force of propulsion and it governs movement. People with a prominent Vata dosha type are often lightweight and can suffer from dry skin and feel the cold. Nourishing food is very important for this body type and should include cooked grains, cooked vegetables, dairy and nuts.
  • Pitta – this represents warmth, brilliance and focus. People with a prominent Pitta dosha type are often strong and driven but can suffer from overheating, skin problems and overwork. Very spicy, hot food should be avoided however ideal foods include salads, raw vegetables and seeds.
  • Kapha – this represents love and nurture with a tendency towards stamina and resilience. Kapha dosha types have a tendency towards weight gain and congestion when unbalanced, although when balanced this body type will be strong, calm and steady. Foods to enjoy include salads, cooked vegetables, spicy foods and grains, however foods to avoid include oily foods, sweets, dairy and nuts.

There are a number of free tests available on line, to help you identify your dosha type and there is also a lot of published information available.

The College of Ayurveda has some interesting links see here.

Indian Head Massage has its roots in Ayuverdic treatments and can be used as a programme to help rebalance the body. Why not give it a try!